Jesus 353 – Faith

By April 13, 2017

Sermon notes:

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Pastor Pablo just recently preached on unyielding faith. Sometimes we hear someone say, “so and so has a lot of faith,” or, “they only have a little faith.” Read Romans 10:5-13. What do you see written about faith? Go!

  1. Of the sermon illustrations whom do you most identify with? Why?

  1. What does faith do to doubt?

  1. Where does faith come from? (Support your answer with scripture not your understanding or opinion.)

  1. What does scripture say about our desire for God? Please, use scripture here again. We want to believe that men are inherently good, however scripture says much about our beliefs and desire for God. Discuss your scripture findings and as you study, pray for God to reveal His word about faith and it’s origin.

  1. What are sacraments in the church?What are the two acts of faith we observe as a church body? Share what these acts mean, symbolize, and change in us?

  1. If you have received God’s grace and have faith that Jesus is the only son of God and our only way to salvation, have you been baptized? If yes share, if not why?


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