Jesus 353 – Grace

By April 13, 2017

Sermon notes:

Related scripture references: 2 Corinthians 5:21

In my studies of God’s word I haven’t found a place where Jesus uses the word grace. Please don’t take that statement out of context nor as the absolute authority. Ask yourself however, where have I ever seen in scripture Jesus use the word grace. I’m confident through the message Sunday and the study throughout the week we will see Jesus never needed to use the word grace because He is the definition of grace.

Sunday’s message gave us examples of grace through Jesus. Share what impacted you:

Read John 4:4-26 together. How does Jesus exude grace. Discuss the issues with Jesus interacting with the woman.

Read Luke 23:39-42. What occurs in this scripture? Why didn’t Jesus just come down? What kept him on the cross?

Go back to the woman at the well. Which thief on the cross beside Jesus was she like?

Discuss the change that took place at that well. How did it happen?

Finally write out: (discuss the impact of these verses)
John 1:17
John 3:16
1 Timothy 1:14-17


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