Jesus 353 – Mercy

By March 28, 2017


Welcome to the series Jesus353. The name may seem a bit odd at first, however our prayer is that the name reveals much to us about the nature of Christ over the coming weeks leading up to Easter. The plane truth about this series is we will examine a few of the 353 prophecies in the Old Testament Jesus fulfilled. That’s right, Three Hundred and Fifty Three times in the Old Testament men prophesied that a savior would come, or details about him. Prophecies are God inspired foreshadowing or stories that men shared that came through revelations from God. Stories told before the events occurred! The statistical probability that One or Two of these stories would come true down to the smallest details is astronomical, for Three Hundred and Fifty Three to be historically proven is almost immeasurable. What we believe will be revealed in this Journey is the Gospel according to Jesus Christ. We believe you will see God’s sovereignty, mercy, grace, the gift of faith and how we are one in the resurrection of Christ. We earnestly pray we are all stretched to increased faith and understanding of God’s love for us.

Church culture

As a body of believers we welcome all that would come to be a part of this community. We are seeing God grow an authentic community of Christ followers through the gospel. We grow together in the safe community of LifeGroups. LifeGroups are in home small group studies where we dig, explore and ask the hard questions that bring growth. We strongly encourage you take this book, take one for a friend, and study, write notes or questions and come to LifeGroup prepared to be part of an amazing journey. We don’t put people on the spot or give quizzes; but following along ahead of time and studying makes our time together so much richer. You can also listen to the message or share it with others at  Our study is online and LifeGroup is normally on Facebook live if friends that are geographically separated wanted to grow with you. Please take time to connect with us today and let us help navigate you through the steps of getting plugged in.

Week 1 Sovereignty

Sermon notes:

Related scripture references:

We saw in the message this week how God wove history into the coming of Christ the savior. Starting in Isaiah moving to Malachi and finally to fulfillment in the book of Matthew. Start your study time and LifeGroup recapping your takeaways or questions from the message

  1. Define sovereignty:

  1. Take time to really reflect on what sovereignty says about God’s character:

  1. Read Luke 4:14-21. What occurs in this scripture? There is an obvious “timeline” moment but also a much more eternal moment. Discuss both, and the response from those present.

  1. Read together Matthew 19:26-30. What gospel truths are revealed here from the mouth of Jesus? What does he establish? Finally,  how does this scripture relate to sovereignty?

  1. Has this lesson and message this week brought you peace in understanding God’s sovereignty or does it stir something else up?

  1. Discuss closing thoughts. Share your insecurities or concerns as it pertains to God being sovereign. This may be to personal to share or maybe not, do you believe God is completely sovereign?


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