Unyielding Faith

By March 28, 2017

Unyielding Faith 

“…and this is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith”


Faith is essential in our walk with Christ, when it is tested what will we lean on?

  1. Our Faith can not be defined by the world.
  2. Our faith in God will be tested, it is the nature of this voyage toward Him.
  3. The size of your faith is dependant on who it really rests in.

Sermon notes:

Discussion questions: 

1. What is faith, and what does it mean that God is faithful?

2. Read Matthew 17:19-20. How is faith the size of a mustard seed enough to move mountains?

3. Read Romans 9:30-33. How can Christ be both a stumbling stone and a redeemer? Where in your life have you made Him your stumbling stone?

4. Find And Read Habakkuk 1:12-2:4. Why is God okay with the reign of the wicked? How can we find the same comfort God has while we are suffering? (After answering read Romans 8:18-21)

5. List scriptures you’ve NEVER read about the promises/assurances of God that are now yours through your faith:

Your thoughts:

What encouragement has this given you? What hesitations or reservations do you have? Take time to write out your thoughts.


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